Monday, June 13, 2011

Do-it-Yourself Marketing /Pt 12 Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy 
Today will conclude my examination of Dan Zarrella's book on social media.

This is an ongoing process. Use  tools that allows you to search for your name(s) &
product names, and then subscribe to the search(feed) results via RSS. Search Set
up account on Google Reader with these feeds.

Monitor your industry,niche & competitors keywords as well.
Here's a list of places to do it:
technorati search
google news search
twitter search
digg search
reddit search

Here are a few sites that don't  do feeds of keyword searches, 
but are also important. Dan recommends visiting them 1x week.

linkedin aswers

Get to know the individuals you found ,as a result of your monitoring efforts.
Find out who they are; what their favourite sites are, blogs they read etc. .
Use QUANTCAST to get data on these sites, so you can pin point your target 
market.  is good place for finding blogs, in over 700 categories.

All social media should be inter-connected.
There are countless ways.
eg. TweetMeme buttons on your blog to allow easy tweeting
your blog should hav ebuttons for easy submission to social news & 
 bookmarking sites.

Calls to Action
Sticky CTA's keep visitors returning to your site.
If your content is hosted on your blog( as most of it should be)
use feed & subscription options. Include invitations to subscribe. 
Also offer exclusive content for subscribers.
Ask visitors to follow you on twitter, facebook,youtube.
Also cross-promote. eg. tweet a link to your Youtube channel & ask people too
subscribe.Conversion CTA's involve asking visitor to give you their info in 
return for a piece of content.

Analyzing the ROI regarding for your social media marketing campaigns, will indicate 
where changes need to be made. 

The easiest of metrics to use is the time spent on your site & page views.
All social media has stats data, so use it.

Here is some software for on-site metric tracking. Analytics

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