Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Do-it-Yourself Internet Marketing/Who are your Top Competitors ?

(I've been away for a while working frantically on my new website and I'm back now, ready to continue sharing the info from "The Art of SEO".)

        Who are your Top Competitors ?

Your top competitors will be found in the top half of page one of the your search engine results for the keywords you type in.
More important is finding out how competent your top competitors are at SEO.

This is done by answering these questions

i) Are all their web pages, including product pages, in the search engines' data base ? Use or to find out
A site with only a small percentage of its' data in Google is most likely unfriendly to search spiders.
ii) Does each page have keyword-rich titles(title tags) You can discover a sites page titles in Google or Yahoo by using

iii) Do the product and category pages have high page rank scores

iv) Is anchor text throughout the site, particularly in navigation, keyword-rich?

 v) Are they being penalized for copyright infringes?
     Find out with

vi) Are they spamming with doorway passages ?

Uncovering Their Secrets

1. Keywords.
Find page title in the blue bar at top of your webrowser.
Look in the "view source" of your browser under "meta name".

2. Who's linking to their popular pages

3. Examine the"cached" version of your rivals pages to see what the search engines see, as compared to what the public sees. This button is next to the search results in Google.

4.To get info on rivals' traffic, use ,,, of site)
Paid ones are and

You've probably noticed that the title of this series is changed to "Internet Marketing". That's because my research tells me that "internet marketing" is  used far more as a search term.

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