Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Has your website become a money pit?

Has your website become a money pit?

Are you fed up with your webmaster's lousy service?

Tired of paying inflated prices to maintain your website?

""... to the rescue of all small business owners! I've stumbled upon this great little international website that just may be the cure for all,if not most, of your internet business/problems.

The keyword here is "international". At "" you get competitive bids from experts,from all over the world, for all kinds of professional business services you may need.

Recently, I needed an order form created for my new website

My "old" webmaster wanted $500-$750 to do this project.
I got one very attractive, too-good-to-be-true, firm quote, from a webmaster in India, for a fraction of my"old"webmaster's cost.

I know.
You hear the word "India", & automatically you think,
"Oh oh,this is the call centre for my Dell computer,where I spent 8 hours last year on the phone, trying to explain my problem".

Red flags immediately jump up everywhere!
Should I follow up on this quote?
What about all the, "what if's"?

They seemed to have a good command of written English.
They seemed eager & sincere.
Why not take a chance?

The results?
Well my friends,I'm about to award them a 3'rd project very soon.

There is one caveat that I must share, & I have done this with ALL webmasters I have ever worked with. To ensure clear communication as to exactly, what I want done, & wherever possible, I always make graphic illustrations of every thing I want done.

Hurray! At last, the wicked witch is dead.

I've saved my bank account from ever being held up by my website again!



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