Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can I Sell a Million?

A million what ?
A million copies of my new cd, "DREAM HARBOUR".

Hi Everyone:

The music industry talks about a million seller but does that mean 1,000,000
individual copies, or $1,000,00 worth.
Maybe someone could fill me in on this.
Regardless, I'm going to accept the former definition as my challenge for this year.

Can I do it alone?
Absolutely not!
Can I get an international record conglomerate
to do it for me?
Absolutely not! I'm not nearly famous enough.
I believe that I can I do it at the grass roots level...that is with your help.

Why do I think that it is possible to achieve, what others might say is an impossible goal?
It's because of the nature of the music in this recording.
The fact that it is an instrumental solo piano recording
is only a very small part of the answer.
The power of this cd lies in the function of the music that lies within.

I originally wrote the music to relax adults after a day of stress at work.
I was shocked, however, to find out that kids love this music just as much as adults.

Furthermore, people who have purchased it have discovered
that they have received many hidden benefits that they, & I for that
matter, never, ever expected!

A grade 8 French teacher plays DREAM HARBOUR
whenever the noise level in the classroom gets to high.
The result?
The whole class becomes mysteriously quiet and her students
settle into their work with renewed concentration.

A gentleman with an"auditory processing" learning disability,
(inability to concentrate with any type of background noise)
puts DREAM HARBOUR in his cd player, and "voila!",
he is able to work with 100% concentration on his administrative
tasks at hand.

Another lady plays it during dinner, and at bedtime.

Good news for Weight Watchers!
I've just heard on the John Tesh radio show that playing slow music while
you dine helps you to lose weight. Try it out for yourself and then please
let me know the results you got.
Like I said earlier, the benefits of DREAM HARBOUR seem to be as unique as the individuals, themselves, who listen to it.

The music of DREAM HARBOUR cuts across all musical tastes,
and generations, because it functions as a wellness tool for
mind, body & spirit, whereas most music is designed purely as entertainment.
Herein lies the subtle power and attraction of this beautiful music.

Because it has such a broad appeal to everyone, I know that the perfect way to
distribute it is through the grass roots level, "by the people".

I do need your help to do this , and with everyone's help, I can circumvent
the big 3 multinational record companies, who dominate the world's music retail industry.

Whatever you can do, to help, I will be most grateful.
Here are a few ways you could be of invaluable assistance,
and make some money for yourself to boot.

1)First of all have a listen.
2)Order a copy for yourself.
3) Tell your friends about it and get them to order a copy through you. I'll reward you
handsomely for your efforts.
How does that work?
E-mail me, telling me how many cd's you need, and I'll send you an invoice via Pay Pal.
Once your payment has cleared I'll send you the required number of cd's, by post.

The cd sells for $20 cdn, but your cost is as follows.

1-4 cd's....$15 each (plus postage/ Canada $1.50, per cd, US $ 2.25 per cd , International $4 per cd)
5- 9 cd's....$12 each (plus postage/ Canada $1.50, per cd, US $ 2.25 per cd , International $4 per cd)
10 plus cd's... $11 each
(plus postage/ Canada $1.50, per cd, US $ 2.25 per cd , International $4 per cd)

BONUS! You will always get the lowest volume rate because all sales are cumulative.
eg. You order 2 cd's on day # 1 .
Your cost is $15 each, for a grand total of $30
One month later you order 4 more cd's.
This brings your lifetime order to 6 cd's.
Your cost is now $12 each, and I will credit
$6, for the 2 cd's you had ordered on day #1
Grand total of your new order is $42 ( 4x12-6=42) instead of $48

If you'd rather, you can just direct your friends to e-mail me directly and they will receive the same rates as you at $15, instead of the regular $20.

In the meantime, I thank you for your help in advance. Please
let me know DREAM HARBOUR has personally benefited you,
so we can share the news with others.



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