Saturday, December 25, 2010

Why India will be the Mecca of World-Class Webmasters

As a result of my last entry "Has your website become a money pit"?,
I decided to do a little online research on the state of science & technology in India.

I visited India's Ministry of Science & Technology, & discovered that
India has come a long way since her independence from the British in 1947.

India has become one of the strongest countries in the world in terms of scientific
manpower,capability and maturity.

She has elevated her status as a "buyer" of technology to a major "contributor" in
the world of science and technology.

Recently India embarked on a joint venture with Germany to establish the Indo-German
Max Planck Centre, in Computer Science at IIT Delhi.

At the centre, Indian and German scientists collaborate in basic research, in the Computer Sciences,
which will also serve as a bridge between the computer science communities of both countries.
The Centre will act as a place of excellence for both faculty and students of both countries.

Research at the Indo-German Computer Centre will include Algorithms and Complexity; Database and Information Retrieval; Graphics and Vision and Networking.

Mr. Shri Prithviraj Chavan, Minister for Science and Technology in India, predicts that the 21'st century "will belong to China and India", due to the "strength of their economies and human resources".

Chavan wants the Indian government to encourage expatriate Indian scientists, to come home, so that the ‘brain-drain’ of the past may be converted into a ‘brain-gain’ for the future.

In a Global Research Report-India, by Thompson Reuters, says that India’s ranking in output of scientific publications had improved from 15th position in 2002 to 10th position in 2008 & is likely to improve to 9th position by 2010.

It's a true paradox that a country like India,whose average standard of living
pales with that of North America (where I presently live) is every bit as competent
and capable (if not more so) as North America in
the world of science & technology.

I believe that trend for business owners, both small & large, to call upon
the expertise of India in all arenas, will grow by leaps & bounds.

We in North America would do well to learn from this rising giant, & start infusing
much more value into our goods & services, rather that trying to extract an ever
increasing payload from our goods & services.

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