Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DIY Internet Marketing/Theory Behind Keyword Research

Theory Behind Keyword Research 
Keyword research allows us to produce products, services & content that web searchers are actively seeking. To establish the value of a keyword you must make hypotheses, test & retest.

The Long Tail of the Keyword Curve:
The popular keywords (eg. 5000 searches a day etc.)only account for 30% of all searches. The remaining "long tail", lessor used/unique keywords, comprise 70% of  all searches.

Keyword Research Steps
1 make a list of 1-3-word, phrases, for your product/service
2  find synonyms for these phrases
3 create classifications for all areas of interest in your industry
4 think of higher level terms, of which your services/products may be subsets of
5  extract key phrases from your own website
6 visit industry association & media sites to see what phrases they use for your 
   topic area
7 list all your brand terms
8 list all of your products
9 think what a potential customer would type into a search engine
10 ask outsiders what they would type in
11 look at your own web analytics to see what terms people are already using
13 review competitor's sites for keywords
14 research non-brand terms that your competitors use
15 check out articles written by your competitors
16 what does media say about your competitors

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