Monday, May 2, 2011

Do it Yourself Online Marketing Pt 8/ 12 Interesting Facts about Internet Searches

12 Interesting Facts about Internet Searches

Taken from  " The Art of SEO, Mastering Search Engine Optimization"  by Enge et al

1. the number of searches performed every second, of every day
2.    2900 ( 65%) Google's search market share
3.    1 the normal time it takes for search engine to respond to an inquiry
4.    50-50 almost... the percentage of searches done by males & females
5.    6-1 the ratio of dollars earned offline for every dollar spent on advertising online
6.    74% of subjects of a 2007  Nielsen survey, used search engines to find local business
      -  44 %  used traditional newspapers
      -  86%  used the internet  to find local business compared to 70% in   
7.      20% more clicks come your way if you have a natural ranking of #1 and you
        have paid advertising that same search page

8.      62% of searchers click on search results on the first page
9.      90% of searchers click on results within 1'st 3 pages
10.    90% of searchers concentrate on the 1'st 10 results
11.    72% of searchers click on the 1'st link of interest
12.    46% of searchers who made a purchase did so within the 1'st hour
        -26%  who made a purchase, did so after 3 or more days, which
          suggests that marketers should have complex interactions with searchers

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