Monday, March 7, 2011

Online Marketing at a Fraction of the Cost / Part 4

My Blog Themes 

 I have 5 different websites and therefore
my original concern was that  I'll be spending too much time blogging.
Has anyone else dealt with this challenge?
Please share your solution.

What I've decided to do is to design 3 separate blogs that serve all five
of my websites.
I use my primarily website to land music gigs as a  

pianist and band leader. is  where I promote a personalized 

birthday song to fit any relationship, from casual to intimate.

I use  and and soon to be launched

 "korylivingstonevoiceacademey"  to recruit new piano and voice 
students respectively.Remember, education is a multi-billion global industry.

I'll be using my newest website, set to launch next month, 

to  create custom made songs for all occasions...
as birthday gifts, wedding gifts, corporate theme songs and so on.

Here's my solution for my multi-purpose blog themes.
The blog you're reading now about SEO, will be serve
Topics will be varied, yet of interest,but pertaining to matters of business
and the business of music.

Both  and  "",
will share the same blog, because they both involved in the creation of songs
Basically  I'll be posting new songs that I'm in process of writing.
I'll take visitors through the whole process of the creation of a particular song 

from start to finish, including lyrics and a  finished demo of the song.
Feedback during the whole process is welcomed.
I might even host a build your own song event, where fans join me and we 

create a song together.

I will use one blog that will provide tips, lessons, insights, alternately on playing 

the piano and singing, for  and 
korylivingstonevoiceacademey .

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