Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Can You Win Over Your Audience in 20 Seconds Flat ?

Can you win audiences and influence their thinking in 20 seconds flat ?

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You're just about to make your grand entrance  onto the stage as the conference's main keynote speaker. Your host has listed your awards,and waxed eloquently about your numerous achievements,in hopes of establishing your credibility,trust, and esteem with a group of strangers.
End of story

 So now you take to the stage amidst scattered applause.
- some of it's genuine, some forced,
- others applaud just to avoid the embarrassment of not being part of the group

Because you've settled for just an ordinary introduction, you have spend the next hour, skillfully trying to connect with each member of the audience. 

Proving that the information you're giving them,is so valuable and exclusive that they need to keep tuned in or their going to miss something very important that may well impact their future success, and the probability of you being invited back as speaker in the future.

With so much at stake, why settle for ordinary when you can have a sensational introduction !
Music is emotion! 

Emotion is memory !
It's a fact that the happiest moments of our lives are all tied to music in some fashion.

Your musical anthem has an a magical impact on those who are there with you, in the moment
Reignite your career as a keynote speaker,take it to the next level of success

Find out how you can make your presentations the most successful they've ever been.

Take emotional control of your audience in first 20 seconds of your keynote

and you've got them engaged for the duration!

That's all the time you'll need to win your audience over without uttering a single word                 In just 20 seconds flat your audience will be ready and eager to interact with you.

Step out from the crowd with your very own  20 second, tailor made anthem.

Who else wants to
- transform the energy in the room into overdrive ?
- open up minds that may be closed to listening to new ideas?

Who else wants to
- make their stage entrance in rock star fashion ?
- gain their audience's trust in 20 seconds flat
- bond with the entire audience in 20 seconds flat

Many people call branding yourself with your own personal anthem revolutionary.                   Some call it the World's best kept secret.                                                                                   I call it common sense!

Let me help you harness the remarkable power of music to boost your career as a keynote speaker into overdrive.

Get your theme tailor made music to fit your own requirements.
Make it part of your own unique branding.
Get even more startling results and testimonials from your clients.

The next time you're introduced take emotional advantage to take full control of your audience.

Benefits of Having Your Own Unique Anthem.
 • show the audience your personality
• get their attention immediately
you dictate the mood of the room
• your theme provides the "entertainment" portion of your talk 
• you bond instantly with your audience
• warms up your audience instantly which means:
   -your one-liners will be all the more effective
   - no need to waste time warming up the audience with small talk
   - you can start delivering message right away
• gives your client added value

• walk off the stage just like you came on....in Rock Star fashion closing on literally a much higher note

Your theme or anthem can be as simple as a piano solo or as grand as a symphonic orchestra.
How about full blast rock band !
Get a style that fits your own unique style

Where Else Can You Take Advantage of Your Own Anthem ?
- put it on your website landing page to reinforce your welcome message
-use it for background music for radio/tv commercials
-  perfect for your on squeeze page
- put it on your telephone answering message
- add to yourtube videos etc.

- it's your very own branding tool to be used wherever your imagination takes you

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