Saturday, February 19, 2011

Online a fraction of the cost /Part 2

PART TWO (Getting My Feet Wet)

the internet has forever changed, the way man creates,publishes, distributes,
finds information & resources .
All organizations & individuals need a web
presence, and in turn need search engines to bring them traffic. Search Engine
Optimization is the "key to success" in the web economy.

Project #1 ( Taken from "THE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING BOOK")

As Dan suggests, I visited other blogs to get a feel for this whole blogging thing.
The ultimate goal of which is to help me find my own unique blogging topic.

The results ?
I've discovered that out there in the "blogispere", there really are no topics that
are truly unique.
What is unique however, are one's own personal experiences &
points of view.
. I've concluded that blogging, just like networking, smoozing,
guest speaking,waxing eloquently at social gatherings in general is really the art
of holding someone's attention through conversation.

Some people are interesting to talk to; others are a complete bore.
Ultimately, a good blog is about being an interesting personality,
who has
something worth your while, to listen to.

On my next posting I'll fill you in on my blog topic(s).
I've got 5 different websites to consider, so I've got my work cut out for me!

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