Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring 1'st & my 1'st song

This is officially my 1'st post, on the 1'st of spring/08 .

I never thought I had the knack of turning my thoughts into words.
Writing lyrics was something that only " truly magically blessed people"
had the ability to do. In a future post I'll tell you how I made the miraculous
shift from being a "composer of instrumentals" to becoming a "songwriter".

This blog is intended to share with you, the manner in which I create my songs.
Each song has its' own identity, its' own style , its' own purpose -just as
people of same family have their own identity.

Listen to a recording of the first song I ever wrote... "The Poet". It was written
years ago.... pre-internet. At that time my compositions were entirely

The more I write, the more I realize that each of my songs is created/formed in its'
own unique way as well. Many writers use a formula that works for them,
in their quest to pen that ever elusive "hit", but ,fortunately,as yet I have
not found one, and that ,I think, helps me keep the "art" in the craft of songwriting.

"The Poet" was my first attempt to write a tune that would hopefully
have an appeal to the general public. It was written as a piano solo
originally and then fleshed it out with a bass player and drummer, then
adding a string orchestra in the middle section.

Speaking of a string orchestra... I could only afford to hire a string quartet
for this recording, but I had them play their parts several times while the engineer
recorded each take. At the end we combined all the recorded tracks together and the
result was a full scale symphonic orchestra...the magic over dubbing!

Anyways this song was released in the 90's and there is a radio station
in Tillsonburg, a little town S-W Ontario, Canada, that has been playing it for
about dozen years. (keep those royalty checks coming in )

If you're wondering about the inspiration for The Poet... there was none.
It is just pure music for musics' sake. The title? even better... I just made it up
...sounded catchy...seemed to fit.

Wait 'till you hear some of the titles I made
up for some of my other instrumentals... "fresh", "blue conXion"
(by the way,my doctor said I spelled conXion wrong).

I think we should return to the days when composers just dedicated their
compositions to someone and gave it a number.... let me
write another tune, instead of agonizing over what to call the baby.

Beethoven's Piano Sonata # 9,Opus 14, No. 1 in E major,
Dedicated to Baroness Von Broun
This way we also wouldn't have the confusion of songs that bear
the same name, but were written by different composers...just a side thought.

I plan to post once/twice a month.
I won't fool myself into thinking that I can put up posts
at a higher rate... I've got a lot of musical irons in the fire ,
so my posting will be economical and informative for all.

Please have a listen to "The Poet" on my PROFILE page,
and tell me what you think.
If you want the piano sheet music, or a copy of the recording,
you can e-mail me for details on how to get it.